July 2019

25th July

Pan around your story maps 🤚

We've added a simple panning control to your story maps, so you can move around in any direction with ease. Simply press and hold down your space bar key when viewing your story map and you'll notice a friendly little grab cursor icon appear. Now pan the page by dragging around with your cursor... and off you go!

We also have plans to release zoom controls at some point, but we hope this small release makes moving about your larger story maps that little bit easier. As always, please let us know how you get on via the in-app feedback form, or talk to us directly in our Slack community!

4th July

Today is generally known as Independence Day... and now your story maps can be completely independent too! Well, kinda.

We are happy to announce that public share links for your story maps are now live! And it's never been easier to share your product plans with project stakeholders and other interested parties.

Remember, anyone with your public share link will be able to access and read the contents of your story map. Comments and file attachments, however, are not included. If you want to invalidate a share link and generate a new one, just click on "Create new link".

At the moment, your share links will not expire. However, we have future plans to support additional options when generating share links, including custom expiration dates, support for search engine indexing, custom slugs, and much more...

So many of our users have been asking for this, so we really hope it meets your expectations. As always, please give it a go and let us know how you get on. Don't forget you can join our Slack community and talk to us directly! We love hearing your feedback.

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