July 2020

20th July

We've tweaked our Jira integration so that a link to the Avion card is pushed to the Jira issue. This is really useful for navigating back to Avion from Jira. We also remove the link when a card is unlinked from Jira (or the integration is removed), so you can use it as an indication of whether is card is synced:

Please note that only stories pushed or imported from today will have the "View in Avion" link

13th July 2020

We've been working hard to tackle some of the small niggly things that aren't flashy, but are super important!

General Improvements

  • You can now change your username without contacting us 💪

  • If a story map is integrated with another tool, the tile on the dashboard will now show you this information as an icon:

  • You can now unlink a synced story from an integration:


  • We've squashed a bug where you couldn't push a release to Azure DevOps in a certain scenario (thanks to carollinacunha for reporting)

  • We've fixed a bug where the story map crashed if you created stories in fast succession when the release panel was open

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