July 2022

5th July

File Attachment Syncing 🖇

We're happy to announce that file attachment syncing has now been rolled out across supported integrations. You may have noticed our release notes have been a little quiet for the last couple of months... that's because this was no small feat; a lot of work has gone into this release to make it as smooth as possible.

All new integrations have this setting enabled by default. However, if you have an existing integration with Azure DevOps, Trello, Jira Cloud, or Jira Server, this will be disabled by default and you will need to manually enable the setting within your story maps. This will then optionally trigger an initial sync of any existing file attachments.

You can toggle this setting from the integration configuration panel within your story maps:

Syncing file attachments has been a heavily requested feature from our customers, but it's taken a long time to get here due to various technical blockers and API limitations. That said, we think we've hit a good balance with the level of integration for our attachments.

Please note, currently only file attachments are supported. Next up we'll be focussing our attention on URL attachments and Avion links. Watch this space!

At this time we are unable to support GitHub and ZenHub due to either missing or insufficient APIs from these services.

We also recommend that you read our documentation on how exactly our one-way file attachment syncing works:


We hope this extension to our integrations helps you plan your stories in Avion with even less friction. As always, please let us know your feedback – we love hearing from you ✌️

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