June 2019

19th June


  • Performance We've improved overall performance of the app when working within story maps. You should notice slightly faster load times and much snappier feedback with general interactions, including drag/drop and opening/closing stories. #perf 😎

12th June


  • Added coloured labels to story statuses for easier visual feedback of the overall state of releases

  • Resolved an issue where releases would be marked as completed when there were unsized stories that weren't technically marked as "Done"

11th June


  • Fixed an issue where the original "Unplanned" release could be renamed.

  • Resolved permission error when trying to view other team members card attachments (thanks for the heads-up, Bahaa!).

7th June


  • Extends team invitation emails and reset password emails to support safe link protection (e.g. in Outlook). These URLs could sometimes break due to partial URI encoding. We're all good now 👍

5th June


  • Tweaked character encoding on story map exports for non-latin character support. Thanks for reporting this issue, Lukas! 🙏

4th June

Story map exports 🙌

This has been a very highly requested feature, so we're happy to finally announce our initial release of export options for your user story maps. You can export your story map to two different formats. Additionally, if want to print a hard-copy of your exports, we have options to disable backgrounds so you can save on printer ink!

  • PDF Choose this for exporting the full story map, in high quality (yep, we love vectors too). All text content of the map is fully selectable in most modern PDF viewers, so this is good for sharing with stakeholders, allowing others to add PDF annotations, re-send around, etc.

  • Image (PNG) This is a good option for quickly sharing releases with other team members, e.g. in Slack. Exports can be done with support for retina displays (if needed). We recommend using this for exporting individual releases.

You can export your releases via their respective context menus, or the whole story map by clicking Export & Share in the left-hand navigation:

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