May 2019

13th May

Dark Mode 🕺

For all those night owls (or just people that love a bidda dark mode), you can now view your story map in all its dark glory. We reveal... dark mode:


Integration Improvements

We have been asked many times if stories can be pushed to third party integrations without having to push the whole release. Well, you asked, we delivered:


  • Switched the story panel to a story modal, allowing us to better optimise the experience

16th May


  • Fixed a bug where if you started a drag inside the story modal, and finished it outside the story modal, it would close on you (thanks to @jacobcantele)

  • Added a piece of text showing you how many unsized stories you have per release

  • Fixed a bug where non-admins could see the button to push a card to an integration, but it actually failed behind the scenes (thanks to @sherry)

  • Fixed a bug where trying to push a story to Trello with a state that is not mapped to a column would fail and cause a persistent notification