May 2020

28th May

Collapsible journeys 🗞

We're happy to announce that you can now collapse journeys! This is super helpful when you're working on a large story map and want to focus down on just a few specific journeys. Collapsed journeys have a slightly different visual treatment (a pinstriped background), to help you easily distinguish between collapsed and expanded journeys.

We've added two items in the context menu for journeys (screenshot below). Tip: use your mouse's middle-click button on a journey to instantly collapse or expand it 😎

Extended attachment file type support 📎

We've extended our attachment controls to support a much wider array of file types, with built-in preview support for for PDFs, videos, and more! Previously this was only able to accept image attachments. Supported file extensions now cover a whole host of common formats, including videos, Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents, archives and much more.

We'll continually be adding support to preview other files (such as spreadsheets, word documents, etc) over time. If you find we are missing support for a file type that you would like to use as an attachment, we'd love to hear your feedback. Reach out to us via the in-app chat, Slack or Twitter and let us know your thoughts 👍

25th May

Import options 🛠

All integrations now include the option to ignore cards in a "done" state when importing. This can be really useful when you're importing backlog items from a third-party tool, but you don't want to include stuff that is not relevant any more. You can find this option in the configuration panel for each integration:

It's worth noting that this applies to the Avion done states. Just to make it super clear — you could technically map "to do" in Trello to a done state in Avion and we then wouldn't import cards that sit in the "to do" state in Trello.

Additionally, Jira integrations have a few extra options, as well as the ability to filter your imports by JQL:


  • We didn't like the "update" button and general saving behaviour of the markdown editors, so they now autosave as soon as you click out. You will also now get a warning if you hit the escape key, prompting you to keep or discard your changes.

  • Fixed an issue on the publicly shareable maps where stories with a valid integration link were throwing up a white screen

  • Fixed an issue where our import process would fail if your ADO project name had odd characters in

13th May

Story labels in CSV exports

Labels are now included in CSV exports as an extra column. These are populated with the label name and will fall back to the label colour if a name has not been set. If the default label is applied, the cell will remain completely empty.

We know it's only a small update, but we love making a fuss over nothing! You'll now see extra options on the story map filters to support finding items that have linked cards 🙂

4th May

Optimised PDF Exports ⚡️

We made some changes under the hood to our story map export service. Not only will you notice that these generate much faster, but our PDF exports are also ~80% smaller!

For the nerds among us, here's a quick before / after for comparison:

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