May 2023

2nd May

Project creation settings ✋

We've added a new option within your organization settings to control whether members can create projects. Disabling this setting allows you to revoke this permission from organization members unless they have been assigned the admin role or higher.

Move story maps between projects 🗃️

Organize your story maps to your hearts content with our new story map controls! To transfer a story maps from one project to another, just right-click on a story map from the project dashboard, select Change Project and you're on your way...

Improved GitHub label support 🐙

Our GitHub integration has leveled up! Choose to sync your Avion journeys, steps and releases as GitHub labels on your issues and bring more context into your GitHub project.
Whilst this is enabled for all new GitHub integrations, we've opted to keep this disabled for all existing integrations in order to keep your sync experience consistent. Head over to your integration configuration panel and scroll down to your Label settings to enable/disable this.
Last modified 9mo ago