November 2019

November 29th

Export story map data to a CSV file πŸ€“

We've been busy extending our story map export options to include support for CSV files. You can now get all your journey, step and story data in one convenient little CSV file, ready for processing with other external tools or running your own data analysis.

We have future plans to extend this further with Excel spreadsheets and Product Requirement documents, so you can export your stories in a more human-friendly format. Stay tuned for more updates on this!

Re-Import from Jira Cloud! πŸ‘ˆ

Yet another from our β€œre-importer series” (jks) β€” you can now import issues from Jira Cloud that were not initially synced. Just hit the Re-Import button from the Integrations menu.

Please note that the importer will not pull any issues that are mapped to a Done state in Avion. Further customisation will be added to the re-importers in the future, so you can specify more granular options when importing issues.

November 22nd

Re-Import from Azure DevOps! πŸ“©

Although we have always recommended that creating stories in Avion and pushing to external tools is the optimal workflow when working with our story map integrations, we also appreciate that sometimes stuff gets created in external tools, such as Azure DevOps and just needs to be pulled backwards.

We have now added a Re-Import button that will pull any added work items (assuming that they respect the hierarchy) and create Avion cards for them. They will then be in sync as if there were pushed from Avion.

November 11th

Zoom in / out of your story maps πŸ”

It was sometimes pretty tricky to really get a feel for the structure of your story map. When you're planning out your backbone / user journey flow, it's nice to do this at a smaller zoom-level so you can really see the big picture as you plan things out. We used to do this with the standard zoom feature that comes with most modern browsers, but this wasn't ideal as it makes everything smaller, including navigation, context menus, etc.

It's been a long time coming but I'm happy to announce that we now have independent zoom controls for your story maps, so you can visualise your hard work anywhere from 20% up to 150%. As an added bonus, your zoom state is stored per user story map, so you can work across different projects at completely different zoom levels.

If you haven't already, you can find the zoom controls right at the top of your user story map (next to the dark mode switch). Here's a quick demo:

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