November 2020

23rd November

Card Tagging 🏷

We listened to your feedback and we are very excited to announce our new tagging system! You can add multiple tags per story (this will also be rolled out to journeys and steps in the future), and also manage your tags at a story map level.

"Looks lovely guys, well done, congrats 👏... bet it doesn't sync with integrations like Jira and GitHub though..."

Funny you should mention that, because Avion tags sync to all our backlog integrations using their respective tag/label functionality! Plus, this is not just for new integrations, you can enable this for existing integrations on your story map by hitting this switch in your integration configuration:

Keyboard Shortcuts ⚡️

For all the power users out there, we have now added a whole array of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate around your story maps and perform common actions all without the need to even move your cursor! This has long been a requested feature on our feedback portal, and we're happy to finally deliver on it.

We plan to follow this up fairly soon with bulk actions (i.e. multi-select) so you can be even more efficient! Watch this space... For now, you can check out all the new keyboard shortcuts listed below:

Cute Card Icons 😍

You can now tell the following information from the story map view about a story by looking at its icons:

  • Whether the card has a description

  • Whether the card has any attachments

  • Whether the card has personas

  • Whether the card is synced to an integration

Please note that any integrations that previously displayed the third-party key on the front (Jira and GitHub), now require you to hover over the sync arrows icon to see the key. You can also always see this in the card details modal.

Finally, if you hover over the personas icon, you will get a list of the persona names.

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