October 2020

15th October

Improvements ⭐️

  • Imports from Jira Cloud classic projects & Jira Server now respect fix versions
  • We now support Jira Server installed on non-root URLs (
  • Story context menus now immediately close when clicking a status
  • Release start and due dates are now visible when side panels are open:

14th October

Improvements ⭐️

  • Story comments are now available as a notification to Slack:
Enable or disable comment notifications from the Slack configuration screen

13th October

Improvements ⭐️

  • Upgrades to Jira Cloud next-gen integrations — we now support epic hierarchy!
Please note that for any Jira Cloud next-gen integrations that were created before 13th October 2020, there is a manual migration that you will need to follow.

2nd October

Improvements ⭐️

  • You can now quickly set the status of a story by right-clicking:
  • Pushing to Jira is now much more reliable with large releases
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