September 2020

22nd September

Improvements ⭐️

  • If synced to an Organization project in GitHub, you can now select a default repo that stories will inherit when you create them. Select is from the Configuration page:

  • Given the same sync setup, the repo selector now has a search, making it much easier to select repos when you have lots!

20th September

Jira Server Integration 🦾

We've had so many customers ask us when this was going to drop and so we're super excited to announce our Jira Server integration!

This integration comes with all the great features that our other integrations benefit from, such as:

  • Two-way syncing

  • Ability to map your Avion journeys, steps or releases to Jira epics

  • Support for Jira fix versions

  • Support for Jira custom fields

If you've used our Jira Cloud integration, you will feel right at home straight away, if not, we recommend you take a read through our Jira Server documentation before diving in.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback!

Improvements ⭐️

  • GitHub repos (when synced to an Org) are now in alphabetical order

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Integrating with Trello, using the custom fields power-up is now less buggy

  • Changing your username is now less buggy

  • Fixed a UI bug when mapping of integration states to Avion states during integration set up

  • Fixed an Jira bug when occasionally a duplicate story would show up in Avion after erratic changes

14th September

Automatic journey/step numbering 🔢

We've added an automatic numbering system to our journeys and steps to help with communication and referencing specific parts of your flows when discussing with your team. It's a small feature but especially helpful with larger story maps.

Improvements ⭐️

  • Dragging on story cards on initial creation will now result in multi-line text selection during editing

  • Improved wording within settings for users without permission to delete a story map

  • Our GitHub logo is now much more visible in dark mode!

  • Retina story map exports now have added image resolution (DPI) metadata so they open properly in supported image viewing applications

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed an issue where importing an XLSX file could fail with included personas

  • Fixed an issue where consecutive ghost cards on public share links would fail to render correctly

  • Disabling retina when exporting your story map could sometime fail... Not any more!

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