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March 2021

27th March

  • Replaced all browser window alerts and confirms with a nicer custom solution
  • Automatically redirect you if you're signed into an organization and manually try to sign into that organization again
  • Added support for .feature files in attachments
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where having multiple maps synced to the same Jira instance was buggy in regard to updating custom fields
  • Fixed release meta information getting squished on less-wide screens
  • Fixed notification alignment when there are links present

25th March

Teams are now Organizations! 😎
As mentioned previously, we have now successfully migrated everyone's Avion "Teams" to "Organizations". This change is going to allow us to build some exciting new features, such as single sign-on and will also provide a more seamless experience for our customers. You can read a full rundown of the changes and how they will affect you here:
  • All description text areas now support markdown tables. You can read more about how to use markdown tables here:
  • Renaming your story map is now a little bit more intuitive 🙂
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where setting up an integration with Jira Server would hang for a long time
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