Migrating Teams To Organizations

What does this mean?

As part of our March 2021 release, we will be changing our terminology and rules around what exactly a "Team" is in Avion.

Over time, it has become clear that the concept of a team in Avion can be quite confusing, especially for customers who are new to the platform. It's not obvious on first glance what a team relates to and it can often be mistaken by admins as a way of defining smaller groups of users.

As a result, we have regularly seen new customers unintentionally create multiple trial accounts ("teams") and find themselves with story maps spread across several subscriptions by the end of their trial period.

We are now taking steps to improve this experience and the first stage of this rollout is the introduction of Organizations.

How does this affect me?

Teams will be renamed to organizations

From now on, we will refer to "Teams" as "Organizations" and your subscription will be directly tied to your organization (you can think of an organization in Avion as being similar to a workspace in Slack).

Any reference to "Team" in the app will be replaced with "Organization" and, for most users, the transition will be seamless. The URLs you use to access Avion will change to your new organization URL format (see below). Redirects will be in place on old team URLs so that we can automatically forward you to your new organization URL.

One user account per organization

You will now be required to manage separate user accounts for each organization that you're a member of. For customers who only have one team anyway, this change will not have any impact on you or your colleagues.

However, customers who currently have multiple teams will have new accounts created with the same login details for each team. Your authentication experience will remain very similar, except for the fact that you will need to login to each organization individually using the appropriate organization URL.

We appreciate that having separate accounts for each organization will introduce a bit more friction to your overall login experience. However, this separation means that your data is much more secure, and you can now make use of different emails and passwords for each organization account that you have 🥳

Note: Enterprise customers will not affected by this change, since multiple teams are not supported on enterprise environments.

Updated role names

All role names will lose their "Team" prefix to more closely reflect their association with an organisation. (e.g. Team Primary Owner Primary Owner). However, this is purely a front-facing change and there will be no changes to the underlying permissions associated with each role.

How do I find my new Organization URL?

You can find your new organization URL by taking your existing team slug and using it as a subdomain of avion.io. From now on, this will be referred to as your "organization path". Here's a quick diagram to show the change more visually:

What if I forget my Organization URL?

Don't worry, you don't need to remember it (although we do suggest you add it to your bookmarks!).

After the migration, our traditional login route (https://app.avion.io) will be used as a means to help you find your organization(s). Just enter your email address and we'll immediately respond with an email that lists all the organisations you have access to (along with their respective URLs).

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