Setting Up An Integration With Trello

It’s very simple to enable an integration with Trello. Firstly, select a story map from the dashboard page that you would like to sync. Then click the “Integrations” button in the sidebar:
Then click "enable", beside Trello:
Follow the prompts to authorise us to use your Trello account and select a Trello board from the dropdown list.

Syncing Size, Journey and Step data

If you would like to keep this data in sync you will need to enable the Custom Fields power-up on your Trello board:
Once the integration setup is complete, you can stop these fields from showing on the front of your Trello cards, or even rename the custom field, if you wish. Please note that if you delete the custom field, that data will no longer be synced.

How to Push a Release To Trello

You can push a release by using the context menu, to the left of the release name:
All stories in the release will be pushed to Trello and will remain in sync. You can tell when a story is in sync by the sync icon in the bottom right corner of the story:
You can also get a link to the card in Trello in the story details panel: