July 2021

20th July

Perf, perf, perf.
Hey everyone 👋. Long time no speak 😉, but for good reason! We’ve had our heads down recently making numerous performance improvements across the whole Avion ecosystem. Everything from infrastructure upgrades to front-end and UX enhancements. Sure sure, you say. But you want to see some cold hard numbers, right?
Percentage Decrease
Memory usage
↓ 72%
CPU usage
↓ 96%
Functional response times
↓ 93%
Database ops/min
↓ 82%
What do these numbers really mean for you though?
    Faster loading times
    Snappier in-app performance
    Less data consumption required, reducing your bandwidth usage
    A more reliable, robust and overall performant Avion!
    You can now just paste from your clipboard with a story open to add an attachment — this works for images and links
    We now handle tables and code markup in story descriptions much better across Avion and Jira
    Tightened up Excel imports, reducing bug potential
    Fixed a bug where you couldn’t push stories to ZenHub
    Fixed a bug where exporting a release only failed sometimes
    Fixed a bug where pushing to GitHub wasn’t as consistent as we’d like
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