January 2022

27th January

Tag categories 🏷

Bring more structure to your tagging with our brand new tag categories! These will show up on your stories in their relevant categories and allows you to utilise domain-specific terminology for categorising your stories.

You can manage your tag categories using the Tags side panel (from the left-hand navigation within a story map).

Story aliases 👯

When story mapping, it's quite common to find that a single user story impacts several user journeys. Now you can easily represent duplicate functionality across multiple journeys and releases by creating a story alias.

Previously, you would need to create a full duplicate of the story card, and then manually keep both cards up-to-date... Story aliases pull all their information from the original source, so you only need to edit the source story and all your changes will be immediately reflected across your aliases too! 👏

Clicking on a story alias card will open up its source story and you can continue to make updates as normal.

Note: when using aliases, please keep in mind the following:

  • Alias cards are not synced with integrations

  • Deleting an alias will not delete the source card

  • Deleting a story will also delete all of its associated aliases

It's now possible to attach dynamic cross-story map links on your stories. Using the attachments dropdown from a story, you can search across your entire collection of story maps, releases and stories and attach these as links – all in one go!

This now enables teams to easily create links across multiple story maps, allowing users to effortlessly hop back and forth between story maps 😎

Backbone settings ⚙️

We've added some new story map settings to override the starting index of your journeys and steps. This can be useful if you have multiple related story maps and you'd like to maintain unique numbered references across your product's user journeys.

You can configure these options using the Settings side panel (from the left-hand navigation within a story map).

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