Migrating To Epic Hierarchies (next-gen)
When we first created our interation with Jira Cloud, the APIs to utilise the correct epic hierarchies (epic as a parent of task) were not available. Atlassian have since released these APIs and we have updated Avion's behaviour to use them.
However, there is a manual migration that you will need to perform if:
    You have an active Avion integration with Jira
    You have a story map synced to a next-gen project
    You created the integration before 13th October 2020
    You have Jira epics mapped to either Avion releases, steps or journeys
If your story map meets the above criteria, please follow the instructions below. There are two ways to perform the migration — to each single issue, or using Jira's bulk update function. The method you use should depend on how many issues you need to update. We suggest you read both and then decide which method is preferred.

Single Issue Update Method

If you don't have many stories to change (less than 15, perhaps), you might find it easy to just update each story individually:
    Open each synced story in Avion and click the View in Jira link
    Update the issue's epic to match the Avion parent that is mapped to Jira epics
    Remove the linked issue

Bulk Update Method

1) Identify your epic mapping in Avion by navigating to Integrations → Configuration panel:
You can see above that I have Jira epics mapped to Avion steps
2) For each story that is synced inside Avion, we need to remove the issue link and add an epic link in Jira. This can be done in bulk, per-epic. For instance:
All three stories above are synced to Jira. I can tell this as they have a small sync icon in the bottom right corner and have a Jira key. I therefore need to update these three stories (NGNG-269, NGNG-268, NGNG-264) to have the epic NGNG-265.
3) Navigate to your project in Jira, and click Filters → Advanced Issue Search:
4) Write a query to search for all the stories in the identified type in Avion. In my case, I would need to edit three stories, so I can use the following query and press enter:
5) Click the three dots at the top right of the screen and select Bulk change all X issue(s)
6) Follow the prompts to bulk "edit" the issues and change the parent. In my case:
7) Finally, you need to remove the leftover issue link on each issue. Jira doesn not allow you to do this in bulk, so you can just open each issue and remove the relevant issue link:
Please note that this process needs to be carried out per-epic. If you have three Avion steps mapped to three Jira epics, you will need to bulk update three sets of issues.
Once you are done, the migration is complete. From this point, Avion will keep the epics in sync for you! 🙌
Last modified 1yr ago